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New Zealand Liberation Museum TE ARAWHATA

New Zealand Liberation Museum TE ARAWHATA


An immersive and engaging experience awaits visitors as they discover the remarkable story of the liberation of Le Quesnoy and New Zealand’s wider involvement in World War I.

The experience will be a mix of cinematic, sensory, and emotive environments where visitors can immerse themselves in the dramatic storytelling, sculptural artworks, soundscapes, and projections to connect on an emotional level as they find out more about the liberation of Le Quesnoy.

Le Quesnoy drone story promo
Our Oldest Soldier. Lt Col Blyth 2002
French Connection. Lt Col Blyth 2011
Grandfather’s Footsteps. Lt Col Blyth 2019
Helen Pollock ( Victory Medal ) documentary
Lest we Forget, relatives of Le Quesnoy WW1 soldiers.